Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

Lindsey Donat

"In a time where technological change and industry disruption is so prevalent, I'm grateful to be a part of driving positive change at Shop LC."


Lindsey Donat
Chyna Johnson

I joined TJC in May 2013 after graduating in Media Sociology in 2012. While studying a Television Production module at university, I was ecstatic about my new role as Studio Assistant which entailed supporting producers on the floor and preparing product ready for air.

Then I applied for an internal opening for Junior Producer after a Production Manager mentioned the position to me, which I then began in January 2014. However, after working in the position for nine months, I wanted further progression, and successfully applied for a Research Assistant position in October 2014.

I enjoy my position within TJC as Research Assistant and I am pleased that TJC made the process of progressing within the company really easy and stress free and that HR were so helpful during each application process. 

Jithu Pettan

I began my career at TJC in October 2014 after being head-hunted. Studying at Indian Institute of Management I began my career at VGL group and progressed to working at LC on a Management Trainee programme. During this programme I specialised in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing, where TJC saw the advancements and good work I was producing for LC, requesting me to work at TJC.

After completing an internal transfer from LC to TJC, me and my family moved to the UK in 2015, where I am now Head of Digital, leading a growing team.  I really enjoy my role. I have made some exceptional changes at TJC while continuing to learn about advancing technologies.

I love the flexibility and opportunities that TJC has given to me and my family, as well as being able to experience a new culture and meet new people. 

Samridhi Patni

I joined VGL family 1.6 years back. I am glad to be the part of an organization that explores and gives you exposure. VGL is a very employee oriented firm.

I joined as a content writer in E-Commerce Liquidation Chanel and then through an internal talent hunt got the opportunity to build a new Jewelry Brand- Royal Jaipur. I represent the complete collection at both the locations LC (US) and TJC (UK).

My journey started as a content writer and now I am the Manager, Royal Jaipur. This is really amazing and exciting.