Donated Oxygen Plant to Durlabhji Hospital

The world is fighting together against the coronavirus pandemic. Vaibhav Global Limited, (VGL) remains focused in helping its employees, customers, and communities.  In the midst of lockdown in India, VGL donates an Oxygen Plant to 550 bed SDMH hospital in Jaipur.

With oxygen supply at a critical point, the team at VGL leveraged its supply chain to procure, install and donate an Oxygen Generator Plant with capacity to supply 150 beds at the Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital, Jaipur, India. The entire process from ordering to installation was completed in just 15 days. The third-party purity testing of Oxygen Generator Plant has been carried out with oxygen purity of above 95% and observed on-flow rate of 30 NM/hour. This indicates that the oxygen generated is of medical grade and can be utilized in patient care. 
In addition to the Oxygen Generator Plant, the team secured and donated 110 oxygen concentrators, 30 BiPap machines and two Ventilators to several local hospitals and Associations.

Since March 2020, the VGL team has provided support in many different ways to both the community and employees by developing a line of essentials, distributing masks, ration packets, fruits and vegetables, groceries, medicines, providing online consultation, and access to vaccinations.