Employee Benefits

Year 2019

"Marathon: VGL keeps its employees fit and healthy. So, we keep on organising marathon from time to time to keep our employees physically active. Also, it motivates and unites the team and also even the shorter distances offer the participants a sense of achievement as it burns out all the stress and negative energy."

Best Team of the Quarter: We follow a practise of rewarding the best team of the quarter. This instills among all the teams to perform at their best and win this award. We motivate our employees for their hard and passionate work every quarter.

Happy Workplace: Our's is a happy workplace and we have been certified with the 'Great Place to Work'. VGL makes it a point to keep their employees happy and satisfied by ensuring their continous learning and growth, by giving them immense opportunities within their role.

Team Building Activities: "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"- this is what our VGL Team believes in, hence to build cordial relations within the team we continously plan the team building exercises and our employees shows full participation and enthusiasm.

Blood Donations: We believe that helping others is very beneficial for the emotional well-being and the physical health. We encourage employees for blood donations and we conduct the blood donation camps from time-to-time and gratefully all our employees shows an active participation and encourage each other to do the same.

Team Outings: This is another very popular activity that is looked up to by every VGL employee. Such an event sees the participation by every member of the department. This provides wonderful opportunity to every team member to know each other outside office confines. These are events where official hierarchy is flattened and people meet each other in a very informal and cordial environment. No wonder team outings and team dinners are occasions which have seen lasting friendships being formed.

Tree Plantation: We encourage our employees to plant trees within our workplace and outside to keep our environment safe and green. Our employees takes keen initiative & interest to plant trees and actively participates to contribute their share towards a pollution free environment.

Birthday Celebrations: VGL is a huge family of around 3000 employees and hence we follow a practise of celebrating group birthday's at the end of every month inviting each and every employee whose birthday fell in that very month for the cake cutting ceremony followed by snacks. VGL always ensure to make their employees feel at home and engaged.

The Suggestions Award: We continously encourage our employees to come up with their valubale suggestions and certifies them for their initiative. Also, VGL implements the best suggestions and thus follows a participative style of working. We are thus, always open to new ideas and suggestions of our employees.

The Fat to Fit Challenge: VGL believes that the foundation of success in life is good health and so we encourage our employees to be fit and work with full zeal & zest. We continously plan such activities to engage our employees towards the path of being fit. We had recently planned a challenge of weight loss and the results of the programme were outstanding!

Year 2018

Work & Play: We at VGL fully realize the fact that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. We, therefore, ensure that our employees are not overworked and approach every assignment with zeal and enthusiasm.

We conduct a number of activities that keep our employees in high spirits and fresh for any assignment. Some of the activities that we conduct from time to time are listed below.

Saturday Fun: Every Saturday the departments at Vaibhav Global take time off from their work and indulge in fun activity for two hours. This breaks the monotony of nonstop work of the entire week and brings in much needed enjoyment and laughter for the employees. Needless to say, this is one event that is eagerly awaited by ever VGL family member.

Periodic Competitions: Every festival at VGL is greeted by competition amongst employees. These are theme based competitions and give the employees plenty of opportunity to showcase their creative side.

Opportunities: What makes us different from other big, small organizations is the fact that we do not believe in laying off our employees. We believe that every individual has certain qualities. He/she might not be performing in a particular role but might just have immense potential for something else. We are, therefore, always open to absorb people in assignments that even they did not think they were capable of.

Skill Upgradation: We also give ample opportunity to our employees to enhance and upgrade their skills which keep them at par with their colleagues in this rapidly changing and extremely competitive world of modern times.