Quartz: Aurelia Rutilated

Considered an exquisite gift from nature, aurelia rutilated quartz brings to the forefront the great combination of clear quartz and aurelia rutile crystals.

Quartz makes up close to 12 percent of the earth's crust and occurs in a variety of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Auraelia rutilated quartz is a quartz crystal with needlelike rutile embedded in it. These needles can be red, silver or green. On rare occasions, they can even appear golden. Some stones feature delicate hair-like intersecting needles, while others sport clusters of thicker needles. As a major ore of titanium, rutile is also a metal used for high tech alloys. Rutilated quartz has earned various nicknames, including angelic hair, cupid's arrows and arrows of love. The name quartz and comes from the Saxon word "querklufterz," meaning ore. In Latin, "rutilus" means the color red.

  • Aurelia rutilated quartz has graced accent pieces and religious objects for thousands of years.
  • Legend has it that it is capable of boosting energy from other quartz stones and has potent healing powers.
  • Therapeutic benefits: it illuminates the soul, imparts energy, facilitates spiritual growth and wards off negative vibes.
  • It has been known to foster tranquility, aid forgiveness and improve the immune system.
  • Rutiliated quartz is considered a mystical crystal that can help discover the true cause of an ailment.

LOCATION: Minas Gerias, Brazil

Rutilated quartz has sources in Brazil, India, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Norway and the United States. We procure its aurelia rutilated quartz from Brazil. While quartz is common all over the globe, sourcing the aurelia rutilated quartz can be difficult. According to industry insiders, the Minas Gerias in Brazil yields the best quality of this rare quartz.

  • Ranks 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, variation based on level of blending between quartz and rutile.
  • Colors display neutral, brown, gray, yellow and purple.
  • Sourced from Minas Gerias in Brazil.
  • Member of the quartz family.
  • Also known as Venus' hair stone, angelic hair, cupid's arrows and arrows of love.