Global Operations

Managing global operations across diverse cultures and markets represents a big opportunity for VGL Group.

VGL group has sales operations in USA, UK & Germany along with manufacturing units in India and China. VGL has offices in sourcing countries like Thailand, Bali, China, Hongkong and Japan. VGL’s sourcing network is being continually upgraded to obtain best products at lowest prices and now spreads over 30+ countries across the Globe. VGL also has a presence in Japan and Canada through marketplaces.

VGL has state of the art global supplier network and is expanding its business reach and widening its moat through innovation and product range expansion. VGL is continuously upgrading its technology infrastructure to accommodate greater automation and digitisation that further increase agility.

The Company’s ecommerce websites in the US and in the UK and in Germany complement TV coverage and diversify customer engagement. Apart from electronic retailing through the B2C channels (ShopLC & TJC), we also engage in traditional B2B wholesale distribution through STS JEWELS and sourcing through STS that serve retail chains.



VGL’s corporate office, as well as the core manufacturing facilities, are in Jaipur, India, and currently employ over 1400 people. We started as a gemstone manufacturer and then in 1996-97 to achieve forward integration, VGL came out with an IPO establishing a world-class jewellery manufacturing unit for export of gem-studded jewellery. The first unit was set up in 1997 at Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur. In the year 1999, VGL set up a new 100% Export Oriented Unit at Export Promotion Industrial Area, Sitapura, Jaipur. VGL Group has recently operationalized its 1,15,000 sq ft. LEED certified ‘Gold Level’ building in SEZ-II Jaipur.
VGL has undertaken backward integration of its capacities through setting up of a new apparel industry – Vaibhav Lifestyle Limited (VLL) in Jaipur. The factory is around 45,000 sq. ft. and is engaged in fabric cutting, printing, and apparel manufacturing. It includes in house 250 stitching machines, 50 accessories machine & a digital printing machine.



Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Shop LC is a multi-channel retailer with a 24/7 home shopping TV channel and a thriving E-Commerce retail business The channel was launched in April, 2008. Shop LC is one of the fastest growing Jewellery and Lifestyle retail businesses in the US with a reach of over 80 million households.



TJC is a British falling-price auction-style home shopping channel and an online retailer specializing in jewellery and gemstones. The channel was launched on April 4, 2006, and currently broadcasts 24 hours a day. TJC offers a variety of jewellery and lifestyle products along with an impressive selection of gifts for all occasions and budgets. TJC has launched another channel called TJC Beauty and TJC Plus – a special programme for its customers. TJC has a reach of 25 million households in the UK and serves other locations through its website



Shop LC GmbH, Germany (a 100% subsidiary of Shop TJC Limited, UK) is engaged in fashion jewellery and lifestyle accessories marketing. The business will involve electronic retail of merchandise through proprietary television and e-commerce websites, social and marketplace platforms. The channel was launched in July 2021 and now reaches 38 million households. The team in Germany comprises people with extensive industry experience and requisite skills and is a mix of both in-house and local talent.


STS handles the wholesale and sourcing operations of the Group. STS supplies fine jewellery and gemstones to the leading retail chains in the world. Incorporated in New York, USA in June 1996, the company mainly handles the sales and distribution functions of the group. The company's spacious facilities in the Long Island City, presently house the marketing, customer relationship, inventory, and shipping departments, manned by over 65 employees.

STS Hong Kong & China

STS group was formed in Hong Kong over 20 years back. It was the major operations center for colored gemstones and is now performing a key role in the development of high-end jewellery for the group. STS, Hong Kong now known as STS Global Supply Limited is leveraging the capabilities of Hong Kong based designers and the cost efficiency of Chinese manufacturers for its special range of jewellery. Special work such as Opal Inlay is being carried out in Hong Kong.

STS Thailand & STS Bali

STS Thailand now known as STS Global Limited handles the sourcing operations of the Group. Thailand is a known hub for plain jewellery and stones such as Ruby and Sapphire. STS sources all this Jewellery from Thailand in addition to the Artisan Crafted Jewellery of Thailand which is highly known and acclaimed. STS Bali is also a manufacturing hub for plain jewellery for VGL. The world famous ‘Bali Legacy’ jewellery is also sourced from here.