Life @ VGL

VGL believes that its employees are the bedrock of its sustained business success, and one of VGL’s priorities as a responsible organisation is to groom and nurture world-class professionals.

We are Unique!

VGL strives to enhance employee experience in diverse ways, while investing in their growth and well-being. VGL’s commitment to building a preferred employer brand is validated by the Great Place to Work certifications that all the key operating entities of the group have received.

VGL has a Dynamic Work Culture. VGL gives its employees the opportunity to continually learn, grow and develop to be an asset for the organisation. At the same time, employees are given the flexibility to try their hand at new skills and upgrade their knowledge through training and development programmes, talks with experts, webinars, and workshops. This fosters growth in their roles and adds value to their position, even as they fulfil their own professional ambitions. Career pathing is highly encouraged at VGL. Giving back to the community is a part of VGL employees life through various programs. VGL further ensures a culture of diversity and inclusiveness at the workplace.

VGL encourages its employees to shape their roles and choose work areas that benefit from their unique skills and expertise. VGL strives to create an atmosphere where employees at all levels are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas to meet specific challenges. The vibrant culture at VGL inspires every VGL member to rise above themselves to meet challenges and play a sterling role in the company's growth.

What makes working at VGL genuinely unique is the diversity and fun-filled workplace environment that encourages innovation.

Watch Mr. Pushpendra Singh, VP Group HR talk about the secret ingredient that makes VGL a great place to work!