Manufacturing Facilities

VGL ensures that it has vertically integrated business owned manufacturing facilities and global sourcing setup that enables VGL to manufacture/source high quality products at the best possible prices, thus helping to offer some of the lowest selling prices to customers, emphasising its unique value proposition.

VGL constantly strives for the latest technology for its manufacturing processes. VGL has undertaken backward integration of its capacities through setting up of a new apparel industry – Vaibhav Lifestyle Limited (VLL) in Jaipur. The factory is around 45,000 sq. ft. and is engaged in fabric cutting, printing, and apparel manufacturing. It includes in house 250 stitching machines, 50 accessories machine & a digital printing machine.

VGL tends to implement best practices and invent new practices as to stay above the rest in the manufacturing sector. The main parameters which determine world-class manufacturers are quality, being cost effective, flexible and innovative. Like other world class manufacturers, VGL implements robust control techniques which make the system efficient.

Company had 3 manufacturing facilities located at Sitapura, Jaipur for jewellery and gemstones. In FY21, VGL incorporated Vaibhav Vistar and Vaibhav Lifestyle for manufacture and export of jewellery and lifestyle products, and textile and apparel products, respectively.

Jewellery Manufacturing

The Jewellery manufacturing unit at VGL is spread in an Area of 1,69,000 Sq. Ft (1,15,000 Sq. Ft. -SEZ & 43000 sq. FT EOU including 11000 sq. FT area addition last year of F64)

  • Over 2000 highly skilled workers and staff of over 1000 are currently employed in the jewellery manufacturing department.
  • Jewellery manufacturing covers 7 different metals namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, Steel, Brass, Copper, Bronze
  • Casted, Handmade, Diamond Cut and Beads Jewellery sum up portfolio of Jewellery manufacturing
  • Diamond sourcing facility is located in Mumbai and Diamond Jewellery manufacturing takes place both in Jaipur and Mumbai
  • We have advanced technologies like mechanical finishing of Jewellery products and vide variety of offering in plating and enamelling to enhance look of product

VGL has installed following technologies during the year:

  • a) Laser engraving and cutting Machine – The machine is used for personalised jewellery manufacturing which engrave Jewellery items as per customer requirement.
  • b) Koras Electro Polish Machine – The machine is used for gold jewellery polishing which reduce 50% manual polishing effort as well as decrease gold loss.
  • c) GB Machine – Installation of GB making machine enabled in-house manufacturing of spares.

Vaibhav Global Factory Tour

The Vaibhav Global Factory Tour is a one-of-a-kind guided walking tour through the fantastic world of jewellery manufacturing.

For more information contact:

Mr. Prashant Saraswat and Kashish Hartalkar, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications, Vaibhav Global Limited, E-69, EPIP, Jaipur - 302022, Rajasthan

Bagging Process
CNC Machines
Gemstone Manufacturing

Gemstone manufacturing unit at VGL is spread in an area of 20,000+ sq. Ft. approximately.

  • Over 350 skilled workers are currently involved in gemstone manufacturing
  • If you search from mine to online, we are a platform offering approximately 1000 plus gemstones with us
  • We have the power of sourcing precious and semi-precious gemstones with interesting phenomena and variety of faceted & cabochons with different shapes and size
  • We have remarkably rarest gemstones like Alexandrite, Tanzanite, Grandidierite and more in abundance.
  • Out of the ordinary Tanzanite varieties from normal cuts to fancy
  • For some of the stones, we are the exclusive manufacturer, offering absolute AAA quality of Grandidierite, Anthill Garnet and Fire Opal in commercial quantity to supply
  • Not only focusing on cut gemstones but also working for more innovative products like beautiful intaglio carvings, picture triplets and infrequent cuts
  • Seeking for affordability of customers simultaneously, by our unique gemstone’s collection.
  • In the current year, VGL has introduced a “Stone engraving machine” - This machine is used for engraving different designs on gemstones.
Product Development

Over 130 skilled designers and workers deftly develop new samples and jewellery designs.

  • Latest CAD / CAM software has been deployed for achieving precision in design and reducing turnaround time.
  • Approx. 1450 new design are conceptualized and converted for sales every month
  • About 80 designs every month are develop with concept of Innovation.

VGL also possesses an in-house research and development team, which is continuously working towards more efficient jewellery production, improved processes and better designs.

The Manufacturing Process